In Season Reclass

Team classifications are based on power ratings, tournament results and by overall team performance on the field.  Team classifications will be reviewed throughout the season to ensure we have teams in the appropriate class of play.  Please note that teams may be reclassified at any time by the Washington USSSA State Office.

​Classification Guidelines: If ANY of the below benchmarks are met by your team, there is a strong chance your team will be moved up or down to the next higher/lower classification.

Criteria to Move Up: (A minimum of 8 scored games) 

  • If your team accumulates an 1,100 power ranking or higher – team will, at a minimum be on a watch list
  • If your team accumulates a power ranking of 1,275+ – team will be promoted to the next level or provide valid justification to not be promoted to next level
  • If your team’s in class record is .700 or higher
  • If your team has finished 1st or 2nd in 2 out of 3 most recent events (Number of teams and level of teams playing in the the event is considered)
  • If your team has an in class run differential of 5 or more
  • If your team is playing in 2-3 consecutive tournaments at a higher class, team likely views itself at a higher level

​Criteria to Move Down: (A minimum of 8 scored games) 

  • If your team has a power ranking of 400 or less
  • If your team’s in class record is .300 or less
  • If your team has a run differential of -4 or more

​Criteria to Move Up: A minimum of 8 scored games (usually means 2 tournaments minimum)

Questions on reclassification may be sent to Janet at [email protected].



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